How To Send in a Case With 6 Easy Steps:

Here at MCL, our dental laboratory in Hempstead believes in keeping things simple. That’s why we’ve streamlined the process of sending in a case, making it a hassle-free process for all concerned. Here’s how it’s done

  • If you need to request shipping supplies, fill in the form on our request supplies page and we’ll dispatch them to you fast.
  • If you need to download a fixed restoration or removable restoration RX form, then you can do so here RX forms page.
  • If you need to print a shipping label or schedule a pick-up, then click here to visit our print shipping label and schedule pick-up page.
Complete the prescription form for the case. We can either send you the forms free of charge, or you can download a digitized version of our dental lab RX templates directly from our website. click to download
Place any study models, impressions, or bites in the inner pocket of the transparent pouch.
Put the completed dental lab prescription printing form into the outer pocket of the pouch.
Once secured, place the pouch in a bubble wrap bag and then put the package in the box provided.
Attach the dental lab slip shipping label to the top of the box.
If using FedEx labeling, call FedEx on 1800 463 3339. Select 1, then 2, then 2 again and enter your shipment number to track your parcel. You can also schedule a pickup online here

If you have any further questions about sending in a dental lab case, you can always call our dental lab in Hempstead direct at (516) 485 4533 and we’ll be more than happy to assist.