Your dental patients deserve the very best treatment that they can get and our dental crown lab is here to help you achieve that. Here at MCL Dental Lab, we make our crowns and bridges using only the best PFM, full-cast, or all ceramic materials. Couple this with our team of highly experienced technicians and you have dental crown manufacture in NYC that is…

  • Accurate
  • Looks great

We do this without compromising on durability!

So how is this done?

It all starts with selecting the right dental crown and dental bridge materials. We only use the very best alloys, porcelain, and cast materials available. This ensures that what we make is built to last. Throw the latest digital technology into the mix and it means that we’re able to produce durable, aesthetically-driven restorations, over and over again without compromise.

Let’s talk!

We’re more than happy to discuss any aspect of dental crown and Hempstead dental bridge manufacture with you, in order to find the ideal solution for your patients. We believe that ongoing communication and great customer service are the two core elements in delivering optimum dental crown work in NYC. So why not call us on (516) 485 4533 and talk to us about how we can help you.

Dental Crowns- Our Products

  • PFM

    One of the reasons that porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) restorations are the product of choice for many is that they have the ability to provide that unique balance between strength and aesthetics. They can be used on both anterior and posterior teeth. PFM crowns are a widely used form of restoration. Consisting of an inner metal shell topped with durable porcelain, PFM restorations offer affordable long-lasting solutions for patients.

  • Full Cast

    Full-cast crown restorations in NYC continue to be a classic choice of material for dental crowns and bridges. This is despite the fact that both composites and ceramic restorations offer more modern alternatives. Fabricated from gold metal alloys they offer a choice which is very hard wearing, but also, being biocompatible in nature, they won’t cause irritation to the gums. Crowns made with high noble gold and/or other precious metals are also more likely to resist oxidization and can help to prevent plaque build up on the gums.

  • All Ceramis

    As the name suggests this form of dental restoration is made using 100% ceramic. Ceramic crowns have a luminosity about them which perfectly mimics the look of a natural tooth. For this reason, they’re often the preferred material of choice for areas where dental restorations are highly visible.