At MCL Dental Lab, we’re a full-service orthodontics Lab who design and fabricate a wide range of top quality orthodontic appliances, retainers, and splints for both adults and children. Our experienced team strives to ensure your exacting specifications are met, which in turn ensures an exacting and comfortable fit for your patients.

As an established ortho laboratory , we couple our experience with the latest digital equipment to ensure we provide well-fitting appliances, even for the most complex of cases. In fact, our orthodontic lab is able to assist with case consultation should you need it.

Your Digital Orthodontic Lab  – We listen!

We know with experience that listening to the requirements of the dentist is key to developing a great working relationship. Without that understanding, prescriptions aren’t followed correctly resulting in dissatisfied patients and a negative impact on your practice. When you choose to work with our ortho lab , we’ll always listen to your requirements to consistently deliver perfect orthodontic appliances as and when you need them. So whether it’s a protective mouth guard, a retainer or splint, our orthodontics lab fabricates accurate appliances with the care, attention to detail, and commitment you’d expect.

MCL Orthodontic Dental Labs – we care!

As a competitively-priced orthodontics lab we believe that designing, making, and delivering high-quality appliances with speed is key. So, why wouldn’t you want to work with an orthodontics dental lab that cares about your patients as much as you do! With a wide range of top quality fully customized orthodontic appliances to choose from why not give us a try. Call today at (516) 485 4533


  • Custom Orthodontic Mouthguards in Hempstead

    We design and make a wide range of fully customizable mouthguards aimed at protecting a patient’s smile. Whether that’s for protection against teeth grinding during sleep or protection from sports-related injuries, our bespoke mouthguards offer varying degrees of protection according to risk.